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My recent paintings have been concerned with the theatre of memory.  In revisiting memory and the past through the photograph, I am attempting to re-learn the use of "signs" to understand and communicate reality.  Beginning with the snapshot, I select everyday experiences of life that appear to be instantly unfolding. The initial awkwardness of the subject is only secondary to my larger concern -- the experience of loss and exclusion: loss of loved ones, loss of affection, friendship and innocent joy.  In creating this body of work, there is an attempt to recapture that loss and thus save it from destruction.  It is only through this re-visitation of the photograph in adulthood that one hopes to ‘fill in’ or at least ‘pick up the pieces.’  The painting thus becomes a true remembrance of things past.

EZRA THOMPSON completed his BFA at the Cooper Union in New York City where he studied with notable professors Hans Haacke and Dore Ashton. Under the tutelage of the late Dr. Hugh J. Silverman, his graduate project at Stony Brook University focused primarily on the Self-Portrait, Narcissism, and the Other.  He has lived and worked in Berlin, Copenhagen and Tokyo.  He currently lives and works in Eastern Long Island, New York.